About Me

Hi, I am Cristus Cleetus.
Thank you for visiting my website and spending time here exploring my services, and reading my blog.
Well since you are here to find more about me. I will start with my experiences and interests that would show how you can rely on my knowledge to help you, and then I would go on to other details, if that may be of any interest to you.

I developed an interest in electronics projects at the age of 10, I started with the FoxPro programming language. I wanted to combine my areas of interest in electronics with computing, like the simple objective of controlling an analog electronic toy motor with the computer. I did not have anyone around me with insight on this aspect, so I was left alone to find it. After few years when I got access to the internet, I started networking with people and learned that I would need a Digital Signal Processing card to do this. And then I started to explore how I can get my hands on a DSP card, and achieve my objective.

Well as time passed, i started developing my skills in C and C++, later took my training in Java from Sun Microsystems. I also developed skills in Red Hat Linux Administration and Kernal Customization.

I also ventured into developing Database Applications of businesses that want to manage their day to day tasks, so Human Resource Management, Fleet Management, planning and implementing complete IT infrastructure from structured and unstructured cabling to network systems, servers, software systems, and then further auditing and monitoring solutions to keep the business running without hiccups from their technology systems.

During the years, my interest in Art and Design also made me explore aveneues of Graphic Design, Video Production, Post-Production, and I went on to establishing a small chroma green studio with sound proofing to handle multimedia projects during the years of 2005 to 2013. Also produced short films.

After 2013, I started focusing on Web and Digital Marketing solutions for businesses that want to take their business online and extend the boundaries of doing business, so from setting up a web presence by registering a domain, to securing its brand names on social media, resolving disputes on domain and hosting, setting up performance-tuned hosting, email solutions with reputation management, enabling e-commerce on websites, setting payment gateways, aligning operations with logistics companies, and much more in areas of managed e-commerce.

With the era of startups coming up, I started developing skills and teamed up with non-technical founders to help fine-tune their ideas and develop MVPs to enter the market and validate their ideas.

To be continued…