3 Months Blogging Mastery



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Why Blogging?

Maybe, you should look at these unbelievable statistics to know why!

Why Content Vidhya?

We don't just teach and leave you here. We work for your success!

✔️ LIVE and Interactive Sessions

✔️ Technical training till you are able to handle the blog yourself

✔️ 1-on-1 attention till you become a brand

✔️ We will evaluate your chosen niche and if it’s not the right one for you or if it doesn’t have market potential, we will personally help you find the right niche

✔️ Loads of templates, checklists, case studies, samples, grammar and punctuation guides, tool recommendations, and other material provided

✔️ Customised online tool and plugin recommendations that perfectly fit your niche

✔️ Network with other bloggers and get the support to reach your blogging goals


Register now at Rs.19,999 Rs.4,999

Invest 1x Now and Make Up To 10x in 3 Months

1-on-1 Support

In case you have any queries or challenges during your blogging journey, you can email your queries or doubts directly to your mentor and get answers and solutions

How Will You Spend the Next 3 Months?

Learn - Practice - Succeed

– Finalize Your Niche

– Choose a Brand Name

– Get the Domain

– Set Up Hosting and CPanel

– Create a Logo

– Find Your Audience Persona

– Set Up WordPress

– Select Your Blog Theme

– Install Necessary Plugins

– Configure Site Settings

– Compose Primary Pages Content

– Keywords Importance

– Keyword Research

– Tool Recommendation

– Keyword Integration

– Meta Description

– Importance of Hyperlinks

– Publish 1st Blog Post

– Plagiarism

– How to Grow Your Email List

– How to Send Bulk Emails

– Google Analytics Introduction and Setup

– Social Media Profiles Setup

– Social Media Content Planning

– Introduction to Quora

– Canva: Designing Creatives

– How to Repurpose the Content

– Guest Posting and Collaborations

– Driving Traffic

– Promoting Blog Posts

– Hashtag Research

– Community Engagement

– Quora Activities

– Copywriting

– Setting Up Facebook Ads Manager

– Introduction to Different Types of Campaigns

– Budget Planning

– Targeting

– Publishing Ads

– Selling Your Products or Services

– Google AdSense

– Affiliate Marketing

– 1-on-1 Video Call with Your Mentor

– Publish 4 Blog Posts

– Publish 1 Affiliate Blog Post

– 6 Posts and 3 Videos on Instagram and Facebook Pages

– 9 Niche Specific Answers on Quora

– 3 Mini Articles for Relevant Communities

– Create 2 Ad Copies

– Create 1 Blog Copy

– Design and Develop a Landing Page

– You Need to Interview Someone

– Someone Will Interview You

– Work on a Paid GROUP Project with ContentVidhya

– Google Certification

– Hubspot Certification

– Canva Certification

– Semrush Certification

– Contentvidhya Certification

Starts on 10th July

Register now at Rs.19,999 Rs.4,999

Invest 1x Now and Make Up To 10x in 3 Months

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Register now at Rs.19,999 Rs.4,999

Invest 1x Now and Make Up To 10x in 3 Months

Who is This Course For?

Student Testimonials

Register now at Rs.19,999 Rs.4,999

Invest 1x Now and Make Up To 10x in 3 Months

What Experts Have to Say About Our Trainer, Uma Madhavi

Meet Your Mentor

Having gone through all the phases from a typical freelance writer to a trainer, she says,


“One of my struggles being a busy writer and an Agency owner is, finding PASSIONATE writers around. There are writers still on the other side of the river, waiting to sail towards this side, but not sure how!”


So, she founded ContentVidhya, with the vision to guide and welcome such potential and passionate writers into the industry, and show them the most-deserved SUCCESS path.

Having been in the industry for 16+ years, our trainer Uma Madhavi is aware of what works and what does not work here. One thing that she can tirelessly do for days, even without food or sleep is Writing.

Being an avid blogger since 2004, Uma went ahead and became a versatile writer mastering ad copies, sales emails, affiliate blog posts, landing pages, and other sorts of copies.

She worked with 150+ Indian and International clients and developed content for 300+ Websites, 40+ Landing pages, 4,000+ Blog Posts, 400+ Email Copies and 500+ Ad Copies.

About 68% of her students are already pursuing their dream jobs in Content Writing, Copywriting, Personal Branding, Blogging, Social Media Writing, Authoring, and so on.



Register now at Rs.19,999 Rs.4,999

Invest 1x Now and Make Up To 10x in 3 Months

Still Got Questions?

Here are the Answers!

Whether you want to showcase your writing skills, share your knowledge to the right users, train a skillset to people, sell your services or products or help your clients to make good business, you will learn everything about blogging and digital marketing in this course that you will be able to achieve any of your career goals by end of the third month


We believe that the real learning happens only through practice. So, you are going to work on your LIVE blog along with ContentVidhya team. You will be publishing 6 blog posts, 9 social media posts and a lot more in these 3 months. Additionally, we will will keep an eye on your progress through weekly reports and more.

That’s not all, Ms. Uma Madhavi is going to have a 1-on-1 video call with you to check on your blog and share any feedback and advice if necessary. Overall, we will make sure you reach your goals and make it big.

Hardly 8 hours including sessions and assignments

Yes. All you need is basic knowledge on how to use a computer

Yes, it’s really simple. All you need is basic knowledge on domain and hosting, which will be explained clearly during the workshop. We are with you in case you face any difficulty. Once this is done, you have your own website which is yours and yours alone. This feeling is priceless. Congratulations.

As long as you focus on the sessions, you shall be able to do the assignments without any struggle, because we are with you in every step

The problem with these free blogs is they are not yours. They are more like rented house whereas having your own blog is similar to having your own home. Additionally, if you want to sell products/services or consider affiliate marketing to make money, having your own blog is highly recommended.

Weekly 2 to 3 recorded sessions, and 1 LIVE session every Saturday

You don’t need any coding knowledge at all. We have easier ways to set up and manage a blog

Many people think they need to wait for 6+ months to start making money through a blog. But,the fact is we have different options of making money through a blog instantly (ethically and legally)

Register now at Rs.19,999 Rs.4,999

Invest 1x Now and Make Up To 10x in 3 Months