Information Technology has advanced a lot, that we have everything to make use of to improve our lives and that of our society. It is only limited to our imagination, our skills and our focused efforts.

- Cristus Cleetus

UAE Currency Symbol Changer for WooCommerce

This plugin will change the default UAE currency symbol from Arabic “د.إ” to English “AED” in WooCommerce. You can download the plugin via : or

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WordPress Career Paths

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) with the possibility to handle a lot of business case requirements. There are various levels

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If you are looking to venture out into the world of E-Commerce, got a startup idea which you are unsure of, or you just want some guidance on digital art and programming skills development, then you can fix up a free session with me and I can help shed some light that may help achieve your objectives.

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