WordPress Consulting For Business Owners in 2023

Do you need help deciding if WordPress is the right choice for your business? Or are you wondering if WordPress is secure? Whatever you are looking for with regards to WordPress, my expertise and experience using WordPress can come to you help.

I have set up countless websites on WordPress for various use cases, performed troubleshooting, bug fixing, performance-enhancing, hosting optimization, plugin customization, design customization, SEO, and much more.

I will provide advice and support as you need it, over the phone and using screen sharing via tools like AnyDesk and Join.me, or using online meeting tools like Zoom or Google Meet.

You can buy consulting time at the flat hourly rate of just AED 350 per hour.
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How can I help you with WordPress?

Get on a quick call with me, and as your WordPress Consultant, I can help you solve most of the problems you might be having. If I can’t help you, I will refund your money!  

Once I understand your requirements, I can provide you with ideas and solutions that you have never considered to improve your website.  Even if you are a blogger, single business owner, trader, small to medium-sized enterprise manager, or a large corporate, I can help you from your context of problem and requirements.

Scope of WordPress Consulting

  • WordPress User Cases
    • WordPress for Every Business – working smart as a business means using WordPress to help you turn visitors into customers
    • E-Commerce– use WordPress as an online store.  Which themes and plugins are best for turning WordPress into an e-commerce solution?
    • Forums & Community Portals
    • eLearning Portals
  • News WebsiteWordPress Setup and Customisation
    • WordPress Theme Selection Support – which one to use, does it require customization, why choose a premium theme?
    • WordPress Plugins – to help extend your site’s functionality
    • Pages, Posts, Categories – know how to organize your website’s content
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – More traffic means more business, and taking your website up on search engine ranking helps you achieve this. I can help you structure your website, implement practices and plugins that help in SEO.
    • Payment Gateways – activating payment channels on your website, takes your business to the next level, opening up boundaries and making your business global. I can help you implement Paypal, PayTabs, Stripe, 2Checkout, Paylink, Tap, myFatoorah, CCAvenue, and UAE Bank Account-based Payment Gateways. I will take care of the complete process from documentation to implementation.
    • Social Media & WordPress integrations – Learn how you can extend your business to all the venues where the Internet audience is moving about.
    • Speed Up Your WordPress Website – I can help you speed up your site.
  • WordPress Hosting – hosting affects a lot of things, learn which hosting is the best.
  • WordPress Security – If you have heard that WordPress is insecure? Let me assure you, that the security can be hardened and I will show you how to avoid hackers and malware
  • WordPress Backups – I will also help you know how to put a Disaster Recovery Plan in place
  • Upgrading WordPress – how to best upgrade WordPress
  • WordPress Multisite Setup and Customisation
  • WordPress Training
    • For Individuals – remote-only training on WordPress delivered on 1-on-1 private coaching, group webinar training, and video tutorials combined with mentored exercises. Explore my WordPress Career Pathways for more information.
    • For Businesses – if you wish to have your website developed and managed by your own in-house team, maybe by yourself or your staff, I can offer team training to empower your team.

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