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This course is for people of any age (8+) who have never programmed at all.

This course includes the following modules:

Beginning Python Programming Variables & Data Types
  Lists & Dictionaries
  if Statements and User Input
  Conditonal & Iterative Loops
  Functions & Classes
  Files & Exceptions
  Database Interactions
  Data Visualization
  Introduction to Python Libraries
  Website Development with Django
Practical Projects A project based on student’s interest.
“The purpose of this course is to make you a good programmer in general and a good Python programmer in particular. You’ll learn efficiently and adopt good habits as I provide you with a solid foundation in general programming concepts.”

Each topic is bundled with hands-on exercises to help master the concept & develop a mindset of thinking like a programmer.

Why Python?

Python is an excellent language to build the foundation in programming because it helps you to learn to think like a programmer without having to worry a lot about the nitty-gritty of the language. It is used in fields predicted to rise in 2021, namely machine learning and artificial intelligence. Python is the preferred language for machine learning and data science due to its popular ML libraries such as Pandas and Scikit-learn

Uses of Python

  • build websites and apps like instagram and uber
  • work on large dataset to find medicines and vaccines like how they did for COVID
  • create electronic automation projects, like from automating your home to huge production in factories
  • build robots for fun & work
  • make games and movies
  • build A.I Systems – devices that think and assist you on day to day task
  • the list goes on…

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