WordPress Career Paths

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) with the possibility to handle a lot of business case requirements.

There are various levels of expertise you can aim to achieve with the WordPress platform, and this is proportional to what you want to achieve with WordPress for your business or personal goals.

  1. WordPress Webmaster – as a webmaster you will be able to manage a WordPress website, add updates, edit pages, insert images and do everything that’s required for a business on a day-to-day basis.
  2. WordPress Writer / Editor – content drives your web presence, so specializing yourself in skills to use WordPress to effectively present your content, both impressive for human readers and optimized for A.I. search bots.
  3. WordPress Designer – at this skill level you can provision a website for a business from scratch. From identifying the design and look of the website to customizing a template to match the business brand guidelines and further setting up contact forms and landing pages with a call to action.
  4. WordPress Developer – Most businesses don’t hire a Developer, developers have the opportunity with companies that are into developing customized WordPress solutions, or as a developer, you could develop plugins or themes to resell to hundreds of customers.
  5. WordPress Mobile App Developer – at this skill level you can now extend a WordPress website to a mobile app, that is not just a responsible web version, but a native, custom UI UX-based app that extends functionalities to engages with a business’ customers.
  6. WordPress DevOps – while many companies haven’t used the true potential of WordPress to establish their business, there are companies that cater to millions of users using WordPress, and a DevOps role is essential to handle everything from version control, site maintenance, continuous integration/continuous delivery CI/CD, Risk Management, Backups, and Disaster Recovery and everything that ensures scaling and availability of the WordPress website.

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